New York Deli Rye Bread

by Janice on February 22, 2010


Oh my.  It seem I have left you breadless for quite a while.  I apologize for my absence here, but life has been very busy indeed.  I am writing, just not here.  In fact, I am writing a paper that is long overdue on Organizationally Internalized Shame.  Now, aren’t you glad I haven’t been boring you with that?

So I return today to write about something far more interesting to most of you: the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge New York Deli Rye.  To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from this bread.  If I’ve ever had New York Deli Rye, I didn’t know it.  It turns out that I liked this bread, but no one else in my family did.  Which means that half of it got made into croutons.


Remember my sourdough starter?  The nameless one, because I am a bad mommy?  This bread uses more of that starter, and what you see in the picture above is that very starter mixed with white rye flour, sautéed onions, and water.  Which makes something that looks very much like onion dip, if you ask me.

Once you mix all of that up, you let it sit until it foams (3 or 4 hours later), and then you place it in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, you take it out, and add bread flour, more white rye, brown sugar, salt, yeast, oil, buttermilk, and water.  Now here’s where it gets interesting.  You are not supposed to knead rye breads very long, because the dough will get gummy.  Getting gummy is a rye flour specialty.  But at the allotted time, my dough was not at all the firm, slightly tacky dough it was supposed to be.  No sirreee.  So after a whole lot of illicit kneading, during which I held my breath, certain the bread police would come and arrest me, my dough came together.

After all the drama, I wasn’t sure if my bread would even rise, but it did.  I made a large loaf and a mini loaf.  The oddly textured dough produced a tangy, oniony, soft, sandwich bread.  Turns out my family isn’t so fond of the oniony part.  Unless the oniony part gets crisped and subsequently drenched in salad dressing.  Probably not on my list of things to make again, but at least I know what New York Deli Rye is now!

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